AB Plastic Surgery Hospital: Reputable and Quality Aesthetic Hospital in Korea

AB Plastic Surgery Hospital: Reputable and Quality Aesthetic Hospital in Korea
AB Plastic Surgery Hospital

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Recently, with the increasing demand for beauty procedures not only among women but also among men, information about aesthetic surgery hospitals has been more sought after and paid attention to.

In today's Medivisor Medical section, we would like to introduce AB Plastic Surgery Hospital - one of the most famous aesthetic hospitals in Korea and currently one of Medivisor's main partner hospitals. 😊

AB Plastic Surgery Hospital 
AB Plastic Surgery Hospital 

Established in 2020, AB Plastic Surgery Hospital is one of the most experienced and reputable hospitals in the field of aesthetic surgery, equipped with the latest medical devices, a team of professional consultants, and highly specialized doctors to ensure safety and effectiveness for each treatment method. 👍

AB Plastic Surgery Hospital provides many cosmetic surgery, beauty, and skincare services for both men and women. Next, we will introduce to you some of the main cosmetic surgery services at AB Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Eye Surgery

Firstly, we have to mention the double eyelid surgery service. AB Plastic Surgery Hospital always considers the harmony between the eyes and the overall facial structure of customers, through indices such as the size of the eyes, the pupil of the eyes, and the sagging of the eyes, etc.


Next is the nose surgery service. AB Plastic Surgery Hospital provides both autologous and revision rhinoplasty services. Through a thorough diagnosis and research process, doctors will recommend the most appropriate surgical and treatment method for each customer's issue.

Facial Contouring

For bone surgery services, AB Plastic Surgery Hospital provides services such as cheekbone reduction, chin surgery, and jaw surgery to help customers have a slim and naturally beautiful face without leaving any side effects.

Breast Surgery

Lastly, the breast augmentation surgery service is also available. Depending on the needs and body indices of customers, specialized doctors will advise on the most suitable surgical method.

In addition, the hospital also provides a post-operative management program to address issues and monitor the post-operative status of patients.

Above is the article introducing AB Cosmetic Surgery Hospital. We hope that this article brings you useful information about this aesthetic hospital!

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