Finding Personal Color: A Unique Experience in Korea

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Finding Personal Color: A Unique Experience in Korea

Hello friends! We are Medivisor!

Did you know that each of us has our own color matching! If you know the right color for yourself, when choosing an outfit or applying makeup, it can create harmony and balance as well as make you stand out and more attractive!

Today Medivisor will introduce to you a unique experience that is taking Korea by storm and becoming increasingly popular with tourists visiting Korea!

That's the personal color search experience 🥰💕❤️

Before proceeding with the experience, you will have to do a small survey so that the expert can better understand you personally as well as the colors that you are using in your daily life.

After completing a brief assessment of your personality as well as color trends, the expert will proceed to choose an outfit color that suits your skin tone.

Then the expert will help you find the right makeup color for your face, making your face brighter and more vibrant.

After choosing the right makeup tones, the expert will help you find the right lipstick colors for your skin tone too! 😍

In addition, experts also advise on suitable hair colors, helping you to look brighter and younger.

After finding the right tones for you, the expert will put together and tell you whether your skin is suitable for that warm or cool color, spring, summer, autumn or winter color! It's amazing, isn't it! 🥰

If you come to Korea to travel, try this activity! It's both fun and helps you learn more about yourself!

Above is an introductory article about personal color search experience, hope the article gives you useful information!

See you in the next posts!

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