IMTM (International Medical Tourism Marketer) with Medivisor

IMTM (International Medical Tourism Marketer) with Medivisor

Hello! We are Medivisor!

On April 16th, 2023, Medivisor successfully organized the International Medical Tourism Marketer event (IMTM).


What does IMTM mean?

IMTM is mean International Medical Tourism Marketer, which is a global medical tourism marketing organization that connects customers who intend to travel to South Korea for tourism and healthcare services.

Medivisor's IMTM event

Although it was the first time that IMTM was organized, Medivisor received a lot of attention and response from many countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, China, Uzbekistan, and South Korea...

To respond to the enthusiasm of everyone, we prepared national flags for each country that had registered to participate in the IMTM event.

Corea Conference Center, Seoul, Korea

The event was held in the large auditorium of the Corea Conference Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Medivisor CEO - So Ji Eun

The event started with the appearance of Medivisor CEO So Ji Eun, the representative face of Medivisor. 😍

She greeted those who had taken valuable time to participate in Medivisor's IMTM event.

Medivisor Vice President - Lee Young Sik

Following that, Vice President Lee Young Sik introduced the Medivisor company to help everyone understand more about Medivisor.

Medivisor Director - Kim Hyeong Seok

Next was the presentation about IMTM by Medivisor Director Kim Hyeong Seok, helping people to understand more about IMTM, as well as how to become a professional international medical tourism marketer and the benefits that you can receive... 👌

Medivisor Team Leader - Park Hae Seong

Especially, there was a sharing of practical experiences by team leader Park Hae Seong, helping people to imagine the tasks that they would do when becoming an international medical tourism marketer.


As most of the participants in the IMTM event were foreigners, it was certain that many of them did not fully understand about IMTM or medical of course, we could not lack a Q&A session about IMTM. 🤔

Q&A Time
Q&A Time

With many diverse questions, we hope that all the IMTM event participants received satisfactory answers and understood what Medivisor wanted to convey through the IMTM event.

Lucky number Time
Lucky number Time
Lucky number Time
Lucky number Time

Next was probably the most anticipated part of the event, the prize draw for those who had spent time participating in this IMTM event.

When attending, each person was given a lucky number, and congratulations to those who received a gift from Medivisor this time.

Those who did not receive a gift should not be too sad or disappointed because we still have many other events at Medivisor. ❤️❤️❤️


Finally, a souvenir photo was taken for the IMTM event. 💕

hanks to the presence of all of you and the full support of the members of the Medivisor family, we were able to successfully organize this IMTM event.

Although the event took place on Sunday, it still received a lot of attention and participation from candidates. Once again, we thank you all for taking the time to participate in the first IMTM event.

We look forward to seeing you at upcoming events and activities of Medivisor!

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