Nami Island: "Winter Sonata" filming location

Join Medivisor to visit Nami Island, one of the famous tourist attractions in Korea.

Nami Island: "Winter Sonata" filming location

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If you are a Korean movie buff, then surely you've seen or heard of the popular TV series "Winter Sonata", right?

And Nami Island is one of the filming locations of the movie, as well as one of the famous tourist attractions for both Koreans and international tourists.

Let's visit Nami Island with Medivisor today!

Nami island

Nami Island is located in the northeast of Korea, about 63 km from Seoul. This is a small semicircular island in the middle of the Cheongpyung River, famous for its fields of tulips and green pine trees.

Nami island

To get to Nami Island, you need to travel by boat. From the pier to the island about 10 minutes, you can both admire the river and view the island from afar.

Train operating time:

  • From 8:00 ~ 9:00 : 30 minutes/trip
  • From 9:00 ~ 18:00: 10 ~ 20 minutes/trip
  • From 18:00 ~ 21:00: 30 minutes/trip

Ticket price to Nami Island:

  • Adults: 16,000won
  • Teenagers, disabled people, seniors aged 70 and over: 13,000won
  • Primary school children, children under 36 months old: 10,000won

Nami Island is most famous for its long, straight, green pine tree path, you just need to stand in and you will have a photo of a lifetime.


The row of aquatic sycamore trees next to it is also extremely famous. In the spring and summer, the trees are cool green, in the fall they will put on their romantic yellow leaves, and in the winter will be straight trees with white snow covered.

Nami island

For those of you who are passionate about Korean dramas, it is impossible to ignore the roads or filming locations in the famous TV series "Winter Sonata", right?

In addition, coming to Nami Island, you can also participate in many other interesting activities such as riding the Unicef Charity train, cycling, bus tour, ..v.v..

Nami island

Nami Island is an ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful space in the heart of nature.

If you are looking for a place to rest for your trip to Korea, don't forget to add Nami Island to your list of must-visit spots!

Above is an introductory article about Nami Island, hopefully this article will give you useful information about traveling to Korea.

See you in the next posts!

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