Top 10 must try eat when coming to Korea

Top 10 must try eat when coming to Korea
Top 10 must try eat when coming to Korea

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Along with the popularity of Hanlyu, Korean culture and tourism, Korean cuisine is also increasingly gaining the attention and love of international friends.

Today, let's learn about the dishes that you must try when traveling to Korea with Medivisor!

1. Kimchi

It is not natural that Korea is called the land of Kimchi. In almost all main meals in Korea, we come across the side dish "Kimchi".

Kim chi

According to statistics, Korea has more than 200 different types of Kimchi such as cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, cucumber kimchi, kohlrabi... Most of the kimchi types are fragrant and spicy. .

Kimchi is not only delicious. but also contains many nutrients that are good for health, so if you come to Korea, you must definitely try the kimchi in Korea!

2. Grilled pork belly Samgyeopsal

When it comes to Korean cuisine, after kimchi, most tourists, even Koreans, will immediately think of grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal).


According to a survey conducted by the Korean Agricultural Joint Venture (농업협동조합) in 2006, 85% of Koreans love this dish and 70% eat it at least once a week.

Each piece of bacon is sliced, grilled directly at the dining table, then rolled with lettuce, chili, garlic, kimchi, dipped with slightly spicy sauce, really great, isn't it!😍

3. Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup

One of the must-try dishes when coming to Korea is Samgyetang ginseng chicken soup.


This is a delicious and nutritious dish that is loved by the majority of Koreans, especially on hot days. It is considered a Korean dish "to remove poison" because it helps the body sweat. odor and contribute to detoxification.

4. Tteokbokki

The 4th dish on this list is Tteokbokki Spicy Rice Cake, one of the famous snacks in Korea, appearing a lot on entertainment programs, dramas and increasingly international friends. Popularity.


Tokbokki is often stir-fried with spicy chili sauce, onions, fish cakes, seafood, ... creating an extremely delicious and attractive dish.

5. Bibimbap Mixed rice

Next is Bibimbap mixed rice, a unique dish with a combination of rice and other ingredients such as vegetables, meat, eggs... creating a harmony in both taste and aesthetics.


And Jeonju is said to have the most famous delicious mixed rice dish in Korea. So, if you have a chance to come to Korea, please visit Jeonju to enjoy this specialty! 🤗

6. Kimbap Rice Roll

Kimbap rice rolls are one of those simple, easy-to-make dishes that are sold not only in Korean restaurants but also in most convenience stores in Korea.


Kimbap is the name of the rice dish wrapped in seaweed leaves (kim means seaweed, bap means rice). Koreans often make kimbap to take out to eat at picnics or outdoor events, also often served with pickled radish or kimchi.

7. Naengmyeon cold noodles

Naengmyeon cold noodles are also one of the famous dishes in Korea, especially in summer.


True to its name, cold noodles - noodles with cool noodle soup, make you forget the heat of summer.

8. Songpyeon Cake

Songpyeon (송편) is a traditional Korean tteok cake, made from rice flour, usually eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival (Chuseok).


Songpyeon symbolizes luck, fulfillment, happiness, just like the shape of a cake, creasing and then round, implying that no matter what happens, everything will get better.

If you come to Korea to travel during the Mid-Autumn Festival, don't forget to try this unique traditional cake!

9. Bulgogi

Bulgogi is an extremely famous marinated beef dish in Korea, the 9th dish in the list of 10 dishes that Medivisor recommends for you to try when you come to Korea.


Bulgogi is made from beef back then marinated with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, sugar and other ingredients such as green onions, mushrooms, vermicelli...

10. Japchae vermicelli

The last dish on this list is mixed vermicelli - famous Korean stir-fried vermicelli.


Mixed vermicelli japchae is made from a variety of vegetable and meat ingredients, especially this dish is not too spicy, so it is suitable for almost everyone's taste.

Above are the top 10 famous dishes in Korea that Medivisor would like to introduce to you when you have the opportunity to come to Korea.

Hope this article helps you!

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